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Installing a Duel Fuel Towel Rail Trade Radiators

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    In todays Trade Radiator video, were going to be getting a lot of heat in to a small space as Jimmy the Plumber shows us how to install a duel fuel towel rail in the side room to a kitchen.

    Trying to heat up these small and inversely spacious rooms can be quite difficult, especially if were talking about trying to keep closet space with the houses back door warm any time of year.

    To make sure that we have a space that heats efficiently and does so whenever we want, a duel fuel radiator is the perfect solution.

    You can use it as normal in the winter when youre getting the whole house nice and warm, or in the summer when you want to make sure trouble spots dont end up cold in the evening.

    In this video, Jimmy will quickly run through the installation, what pitfalls to avoid in terms of working with the elements and show us some little tips and tricks to make sure the installation goes without a hitch.

    Firstly, we need to know what exactly someone would choose this type of radiator considering it is quite small.

    Like all products we have for sale at Trade Radiators, this towel rail packs a lot of power under the surface and has an incredibly high BTU.

    If youre unsure of what BTU is or what BTU is needed for the radiators in your home, we have a handy calculator at https://www.traderadiators.com/acatalog/heatingcalculator.html

    Here are some of the highlights of the video:

    0:23 Jimmy explains the job so far and what the aim of the job will be: to get a new duel furl radiator installed.

    2:55 A very handy tip from Jimmy: Get the element screwed in and the manifold on the radiator before you screw it in to the wall purely because the element is quite long and if youve already got it on the wall youre going to run in to more problems than you really need.

    3:15 For a secure fit.

    dont use the body of the radiator itself.

    Instead use grips to create a nice, tight seal and get it pointing in the right direction that you want your towel rail to face.

    You dont want to get the whole way through an installation before realising your valves are facing the wall.

    3:55 If youre worried that the seal wont be totally secure, just grab from PTFE tape and create a waterproof seal quickly.

    3:50 We need to pop the insert of the radiator which sometimes need a hex key.

    In many cases, the hex key will be slightly larger than the standard 10mm youll find in most stores.

    4:30 Jimmy applies standard lock shield to the radiator.

    It doesnt matter which way round the return flow is, but do make sure you know which way it is if you have a nonuniversal radiator, as you might end up with it being the wrong way and wont be able to flow through.

    You could also run in to the quite worrying sound of your radiator make a horrible noise.

    5:20 With the radiator now hung on the wall its time to cut the wire back for the element, although we wont be wiring it in just yet.

    The copper pipe work comes first and want to make sure the system is fully running.

    If we didnt then we run the risk of finding a leak upon testing and that means having to take everything apart again.

    5:40 The radiator is fully installed and working perfectly

    6:20 With a 22mm diameter and width, the BTU of the radiator far exceeds what the old radiator was doing and helps heat the small room efficiently and without wasting energy.

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