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How To Apply PTFE Tape Airline Pneumatics

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    A clean and tight seal around your pipe is necessary to have to a nice and safe finish to any job.

    At Airlines Pneumatics we supply PTFE thread seal tape that is the perfect fit for any job youre working on.

    While many people will use this tape and it is quite a common sight in any toolbox, many people have a misunderstanding of how to correctly use PTFE effectively in the preparation of thread joints.

    Applying PTFE to the threads of any metal fitting/junction will allow for a much easier turn for the user while simultaneously reducing the risk of any damage to your threads.

    In this video youll see how to use the tape when dealing with a tapered thread.

    You may commonly see this type of application used at home if you have radiator valves with a tapered end to them.

    Applying the tape should always be done so in a clockwise direction.

    This ensures that the tape doesnt run the risk of being unravelled while you attempt to create a nice tight seal when turning your fitting back in to place.

    4 to 5 turns is usually enough if youre working with threads of up to half an inch like the one we have in this video.

    Larger threads can take up to 10 turns to create a full seal.

    Just make sure that youre always applying some tension as you put the tape on so the grooves of the thread sit nicely.

    The tape you see in this video which we sell on site is supplied in a reel 12mm wide and 12 metres long.

    For more information and technical details of this product visit http://www.airlinespneumatics.co.uk/pneumatics/airlineaccessories/sealingaccessories/ptfetape/S01019040

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