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The Misss I Am live 1000fans One Mic Sessions

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    The Misss came down to play some acoustic songs for our latest One Mic Session.

    Audrey and Michelle graced us with their presence and chatted plectrums positions, Jay Z and spandex pants.

    How those three topics could make a coherent conversation we will never know.

    We caught up with Michelle to tell us more about The Misss and talk about their album which will be out early next year.

    How did The Misss come to be?
    The Misss came about when we were playing in a soul band together a very long time ago.

    Audrey let me hear something shed written which completely blew me away, especially because she was so young at the time and we spoke about trying to do something together.

    We started by doing the usual acoustic covers I still get a fearful chill down my spine when I hear blackbird but when we wrote our first song together, it felt right.

    Tell us a bit about your songwriting process?
    We dont particularly have a set process for writing.

    Some have been composed from scratch in a room together with input on the music and melodies from both of us, others have been brought to the table almost complete.

    Audrey is what I would jokingly call an actual musician as she can play many instruments and could do this on her own but all of our songs are collaborative.

    I can have a whole song idea and Audrey is the only person that understands what I mean when I try to express it.

    Most of the time Audrey leaves a section for me to finish or work on together.

    We know each other so well that we can write for each other when it comes to the vocals too.

    I think were a good pairing in that way.

    Whats the one album you couldnt live without?
    If you told me I couldnt ever hear Frank by Amy Winehouse again, Id be devastated.

    There are artists Ive listened to more often or that have more songs I love in their repertoire but as one complete album Thats the one for me.

    What influences The Misss?
    We have shared influences.

    Some are quite typical of singer/songwriters some not.

    Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams, Damien Rice, but also Cinematic Orchestra, Irrepressibles, Beyoncé, Bloc Party, Air.

    Where we differ is that I like 60s/70s soul, big ballads, musicals, country and a lot of cheesy pop.

    Audreys music taste is quite cool

    What does the future hold for The Misss?
    Next up we will be releasing our new album early next year.

    We have the main bulk of it complete but the songs just keep coming out of us so we will keep recording until we can choose the songs that work best together.

    The last year has been very exciting but also a big challenge so we want the culmination of that to be something we are proud of.

    Audreys recording and producing the whole thing too so once its complete and were happy, well do a launch and a wee tour, even if its just to get Audrey some daylight

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